Universal Security LLC Academy In-Person Armed Guard Training


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Businesses are fast learning the value and importance of hiring security to protect their people and assets. They also know having an Armed Officer is a major responsibility.

The Universal Security Armed Guard/Officer Course is a premier and most sought out training Academy Certification in Tennessee. Combining classroom instruction (presentation style) and range training. The 16-hour curriculum provides the confidence required to carry a firearm in pursuit of a professional career in the Security Industry.

Armed guards must be 21 years of age. They have additional training requirements beyond those required for unarmed contract security employees. They will need to take an eight-hour course that includes legal limitations of firearms usage, safety, maintenance, and handling. They will also need four hours of marksmanship training. This training culminates in a commissioner-approved target course.

An individual cannot work as an armed guard until he or she possesses, at minimum, a conditional card.

Armed guards must complete refresher/ range training during each renewal period. (2 years in TN)

The applicant will need to submit three passport-style photographs. Those who answer “yes’ to criminal history questions will need to provide additional supporting information.

Officer Hamer accepts up to 4 people per time slot. If you are booking for more than 4 people, please contact Universal Security Academy to get a quote and provide you with forms for each person. Prices shown are a per person basis, for special quotes contact Officer James Hamer.

Following the Classroom portion of the course, each student will be given a date to participate in the Range Qualifying section of the course. Range section is held at Range USA Memphis 1740 Century Center Cove, Memphis, TN 38134 on Sundays 3:30pm -7:30pm.